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1. The Bubbla 6000™Pro series equipment

2. The rolls of 8”, 12” and 16”, extruded polyethylene film in the five Bubbla configurations published, printed with standard Bubbla Identification.

3. Customer maintained (replaced) parts:

a) Kevlar belt and b) cutting blade


Any custom or customized products will be price proposed to Distributor/Customer on individual basis.  A 50% prepayment must accompany all custom orders.  No cancellation or return will be allowed on any custom orders unless deemed defective.


Bubbla, Inc. reserves the right to grant, rescind and change limits of open account credit to Distributor/Customers at its sole discretion. Open account billings dated by the 20th of any month will be due and payments must be received at Bubbla, Inc. no later than the 30th of the following month. Accounts unpaid 60 days from date of invoice, will be charged and Distributor/Customer agrees to pay an interest of 1-1/2% per month. New orders for accounts with open invoices past 45 days will be shipped prepaid only.


Please fax fully executed purchase orders to Bubbla, Inc. Customer Service at (818) 884-2164 or mail to 7931 Deering Avenue, Canoga Park, CA  91304.


Will call orders are to be arranged with Bubbla’s Customer Service Dept.  Will call service is offered with prior arrangement only.


All orders are FOB Bubbla’s California plant. All charges for freight and handling are the responsibility of the Distributor/Customer. Orders with unspecified shipping methods will be sent at Bubbla’s discretion.


Bubbla, Inc. will endeavor to have machines, parts and standard rolls of materials in stock for delivery at all times and will ship within three (3) business days from receipt of written purchase order. If this is not possible, then confirmation of the projected ship date will be returned to Distributor/Customer. NOTE: It is advisable to order and store materials by Distributor/Customer for two to three weeks of projected use.


Bubbla Customer Service will confirm each order upon receipt of purchase order.  This confirmation with respect to pricing, freight charges, freight method, etc. will make it a binding agreement on part of Distributor/Customer unless addressed in writing as to any changes prior to the indicated shipping date. Changes to or additions to orders may effect the confirmed shipping date.


Defective film will be exchanged or credited against future orders. No film may be returned for refund or credit unless defective. Goods will only be accepted at Bubbla if Bubbla Customer Service has provided a return authorization number.  All claims for shortages or errors in shipment must be noted on the bill of lading or packing slip at time or immediately after receipt of shipment. No custom or customized products may be returned for credit.


Bubbla warrants the machine and rolls of material to be in good working order to manufacture air cushions. No warranties are made by Bubbla Inc. including but not limited to the warranty of merchantability or fitness of the machine or the products made by the machine for any particular use or purpose.  End user has sole responsibility to determine its use for any purpose. Testing before use is recommended.

Bubbla Inc. will maintain the machine by replacing modules or parts, as Bubbla deems reasonable. Upon notification to Bubbla of any service issue, an authorized Bubbla technician will first try to diagnosis and resolve the issue by phone. If any issue remains unresolved, a replacement part or the appropriate equipment module will be shipped within 24 hours. The Distributor/Customer will be responsible for securely packing module for return shipment. The recipient (Distributor/Customer) will be charged for all parts and modules not returned to Bubbla within seven (7) days of receipt of replacement parts or modules. Shipping charges for replacement parts or modules will be free of charge, via ground freight, provided the part or component failure was not due to abuse, misuse, accident or any cause other than failure of module in normal use. In that event, customer will be charged for cost of repair or replacement and freight charges both directions.


will be limited to the replacement of full rolls of faulty material.  No other warranties of any type is offered or implied. Customers are fully responsible for the proper use of Bubbla products and testing before use. All warranty replacement material must be returned to Bubbla for inspection. If material is deemed to be faulty, then ground shipment both ways will be paid for by Bubbla Inc.


Terms & Conditions of sale are subject to change upon written notice.

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