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With our four US Patents, Bubbla Inc. introduced the first-market acceptable system to produce the quality, speed and affordability of in-house made air cushions for packaging. Most importantly we introduced a far superior air cushion to provide the best protection for your product in transit.

Since our introduction, the old fashion and polluting cushioning materials have mostly been replaced by our invention. The environmental benefits derived from this new concept were many faceted .

-- By replacing foam, it eliminated release of devastating amounts of fluorocarbons into the air and the Ozone layer is now actually healing itself. The fact that our product inflates up to 240 times the size that we ship to users has saved millions of truck loads and therefore hundreds of millions of gallons of fuel.

--Similarly, land fill needs have been reduced by hundreds of millions of cubic feet as our film can and needs to be recycled, but even if it is not, it will deflate to 1/240th of its size.---


We offer free consultation to identify the most efficient way for you to make and dispense air cushions to your packaging stations. You will improve your bottom line with the efficiencies we can introduce to your shipping operations and you will help the environment too.


1-877-4-Bubbla or 818-884-2000


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