Air Inflatable packaging Systems

The Next Generation of On Demand, Air Inflatable Packaging

For more than a dozen years, Bubbla has been the leader in on demand, air inflatable packaging systems. The Bubbla 6000 system continues that legacy and further reinforces the company's category leadership position.

Whether you're using foam peanuts for void fill, bubble cushion wrap for protective wrapping or Kraft paper products for blocking and bracing, Bubbla replaces all of these in one simple, superior, cost-effective solution.

The 6000's sleek look only begins to tell a fraction of the story. The Bubbla 6000 offers unequalled flexibility and unlike any other machine on the market, it's the only machine that produces 16 different bubble configurations, from small bubble for protective wrapping to large air pillows for void fill. Bubbla has the right configuration to fill nearly any inside the carton packaging requirement and talk about toughness: you can stand on Bubbla Diamond Wrap without bursting a single bubble. Now that's what we call Bubbla protection!

The Bubbla 6000 machine is fast, filling up to 2,500 lineal feet per hour. Have a high volume void fill requirement? The Bubbla 6000 produces up to 440 cubic feet per hour. That's enough inflated material to fill an entire 40' trailer in a single shift!The 6000 is completely self-contained. Just plug it into a standard wall outlet and you're in production. Have limited space? The 6000's small footprint and availability in both floor and table top models eliminates placement issues. The 6000 does not require a dedicated operator. It has simple, touch screen controls, so operating the machine is simply a touch away. Training time? About ten minutes!

*Bubbla Inc. reserves the right to reject any order at its sole discression.* 

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